Earning i-Say Points

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Earn i-Say points by taking i-Say surveys. The number of i-Say points you earn for each survey depends on several factors, including survey length. Your i-Say points will be added to your Points Balance within a few minutes after you complete the survey, unless the survey instructions indicate otherwise.

You can access your account by signing in and clicking on your Points Balance at the top of the page next to the star icon. There you'll find information about points earned, orders/points redeemed and your account balance.

The i-Say points you earn are added to your account within a few minutes after you complete a survey, unless the survey instructions indicate otherwise. For two-part studies, points for the second part will be added within a few days after the study has closed. Please be advised that, in some cases, points may take a few days to be awarded. When you redeem your points, your account is instantly debited.

For those surveys that take several days, points may not be deposited in your account until you complete it or it's the last day of the survey. Other times, a sweepstakes is offered instead of points. The survey introduction will provide the specific reward information for that particular study. If your points don't appear a few days after completing the survey (or if the points balance is incorrect), please let us know here.

You can earn i-Say loyalty points by completing surveys. The i-Say loyalty program is based on a tiered system. Each time you complete a certain number of surveys, we'll reward you with i-Say bonus points. For example, when you respond to 10 surveys, you'll earn 50 i-Say bonus points, or, when you respond to 50 surveys, you'll earn 200 i-Say bonus points. That's on top of the points you already earned for completing each survey.

The loyalty program runs from January 1 - December 31 each year and doesn't carry over. You must complete the survey for it to count - surveys where you didn't qualify, you abandoned or the study reached its quota, will not count. Visit the loyalty program page for more details.